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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Remembering Him Again..


I just finish Zuhur pray.. before I finish my pray, I remember him again. A very good person. I was told that when your mind remembering someone that had gone, you should pray for that person. So, I recite Al-Fatihah to his soul. May Allah bless him. Ameen.

Monday, June 6, 2011

May Allah Bless You..


It has been 2 months since my last post before I feel like writing about my friend a.k.a my colleague here..

I was sad to know that he has passed away last Saturday (June 4, 2011). I don't expect him not to recover from his severe illness. But then I realize that I can't expect death to come.

I am yet sad..
All I can do is to pray for him. He has been a good friend and colleague to me and the others.

May Allah Bless You.. 
My Friend.. My Good Buddy.. Mahathir Merjedi.. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Waaar.. I just found this video from youtube and it is fun to watch now and then. Well, she's my favorite singer afterall. But I did find out the video to be funny n cheerful. Siti are allowable to do anything coz in the end it will turn out adorable to me. I believe we all feel the same to the people we admire.

Here I attached the video for me and anyone who feel like watching. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Climbing Broga Hill


Last Sunday.. 13 March 2011, I went to Broga Hill with some of my friends. It was quite a journey since we gather from 9.00pm of 12 March 2011 and went to pick some others till we stop-by at my friend house by 2.00am of 13 March 2011. Not yet asleep, some friends watched a movie while the other trying to sleep including me but failed to do so. Huhu.

But when it's already 4.00 o'clock, I felt sleepy and had been trying to sleep still. My friends still enjoying a movie until 4.40am, they finish the movie and got excited to go to Broga. But I was thinking that the trip shouldn't be continue coz it's about dawn already. But my eager friends manage to stick to the plan. By 5.05am, we went to Broga Hill. Got a bit lost on our way, we had arrived at Broga by 5.50am. We park somewhere on the side of the road.

Looking at so many people there, the excitement suddenly boosten up. We started the climbing around 6.10am and managed to arrive at a stopping area by 6.30am. We have a thought that it's high enough so we just stayed there waiting for the scenery to become clearer and when it did, it is calmingly beautiful. By that we have taken some pictures and give our best posts. Huhu. 

It was fun.

Trying to climb down..
When there is a lens.. I won't show my tiredness.. wuekkk! ^_^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday!!!

Salam to All..

I never hate Monday. I just wish that today is Friday.. huhu

Anyway, hope today is a bless. Hope everyday day is a bless. 

Credit to Google Image

Saturday, March 12, 2011

~ Once Upon A Dream ~


Just wanna share my recently activity.. couple of minutes ago.. huhu

I have saved the video of fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, few weeks before and never really have the time to watch it. Out of the blue, I have watched it last nite. Huhu. Remembering the moment I watched the story when I was in my primary school with my sisters.. I guess it's worthied to watch it again. But the best part is that now they have this Emily Osment singing the song from the story called Once Upon A Dream. Well, I like it. So here I attached the video. Hope you guys like it too.. ^_^ 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Words Of March..

"If You Aim For Nothing, You'll Hit It Everytime"

A Sharp Shooter - Credit to Google Image

This morning, I was just cleaned up my office desk. 
Orginizing my things.. while listening to Ilusi by Adira.. erk! 

Anyway, as I finish my cleaning, I found my new management book that I bought last year. Here's where I got the stated phrase above. I didn't found any quote. So, I guess it is wise to put by 'Words of March'. What's important is that I got the meaning. Well, for me, it means we need to aim for something. Don't waste our time of not having any target. Doesn't matter if we hit our target or not. We'll soon learn to adapt with our shooting. And soon enough, we may become A Sharp Shooter.. ^_^

All The Best in Everything You Do!

Friday, February 25, 2011

~ Ilusi ~


Hmm.. this en3 is for my favorite song to-date.. Ilusi by Adira. I just heard the song through HotFM this morning while driving to the office. Love hearing to Adira's voice through this song but I do wish this song is sang by Siti. What Siti?? Huhu.. just had it enough to tell. ^_^

Anyway.. from my point of view.. this song is such a romantic but fresh to my mind. I like to quote the lyric here.. "Pabila bercinta dan dicinta Jadi cinta Cinta mega.. Biar Cinta Jadi Fenomena" Hmm.. that's what is mesmerizing to me rite now.. but only that.. the whole lyric was not sunk into my memory yet.. hehe

By that.. I'm enjoying my time at my office.. (^_^)v 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give Opinion And Be Paid!!


It is a fresh morning.. looking out from my window.. I a see bright blue morning. It freshen me up.. ^_^ Is it because of last nite blessing or because of today's mercy? Hmm..

Talking about last nite, I won't say I was lucky but I do feel fortunate. When I was surfing the net.. while watching a downloaded tv series.. Glee.. first season.. well you know rite.. I was quite left behind.. And honestly the series can't cope with my taste enough. I zoomed out the display and just hearing the sound and surf the internet.. huhu..

While searching.. I was brought into an advertisement on the internet.. about a website that pays you for your opinion. Sounds easy. I looked for it. I sign-up. I answered all the questions given.. can't really hear the Glee episode by then.. huhu. Within half an hour.. I finished all the questionaires and guess what.. I got $26 in my account. Is it for real? can't ensure about that. But is it worthied? I guess so.

Only that I cannot withdraw the money just yet. I need to answer more question till my money reached $75.. hmm.. But I did make a look on how I will get my payment.. it's through PayPal. A website that works as a bank. You can save your money there for online transactions. You can also withdraw the money. But it will be charged if it is less than RM400.

So, that's it. how about the Glee? Well I can't finished it. Huhu.. Anyway, if you got interested about what I have explained just now.. You can have a check here.. 

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting to Wander Around


This year.. am about to start wandering around.. from Jakarta - Singapore - Bangkok - Manila.. hehe.. Still naive in a travelling internationally.. So I just warming up by going to these few places..

Next year.. I did planning on going to Gold Coast - London - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Seoul - Paris.. Waa.. Too many places to be.. LOL! But the trip won't happen if I'm going alone.. So I would like to invite all my friends to join me if you guys have heart to travel to these places too or again.. With my arms wide open..

Let's enjoy being out there..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talk Show SITI


Weehuu!! Couple of weeks before.. My friends invite me to join him watching the recording of Siti Talk Show SITI in Shah Alam.. Shame on me I didn't make it. Hopefully there will be another chances.

Anyway, just wanna share my thoughts about the show. By the way, I just saw the second episode (if not mistaken). As usual, the talk show will surely include a singing segment by Siti (the most successful singer in Malaysia) which the best segment for me.. since I love seeing her singing. That was the best part.

Unfortunately, Siti still not in control of the show. The talk was come across to me like a bit boring. For me, the crowd seems not energetic but of cause it refers back to Siti as the point of view. So, I really looking forward to see an improvement on that. Surely I will watch the show on each episode. Won't miss it! ^_^

~ Credit to Google Image ~
Looking forward to see her on a bike!! ^_^

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Hobby!! Woohoo~


Woohoo!! I just discovering my new hobby.. which was shopping stuff at IKEA Damansara.. huhu
Actually, last Saturday.. Since my trip to Kemaman, Terengganu by my colleague.. I then went to IKEA Damansara where I was going to buy a table lamp.. coz my table lamp was suspected *only suspected* to be damaged.

At IKEA I was very attracted to the stuff and ended up buying more than a lamp. Looking to my resit.. it's over hundred. But it's fine for me.. I just went back home and discover that I left a lamp stand at the counter plus my new lamp is broken. So, I went back to IKEA and return the lamp plus redeem the left-over stuff. Unfortunately, they only give me the amount of the lamp so I need to get in back to the store to find the lamp which ended up me buying new things and cost me even higher than before.. haha

When I reached back home, I was thinking if I go to IKEA for the third time.. what will I buy? Huhu.. Anyway.. I love to go again to IKEA.. ^_^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire ~


Waa.. Quit a long weekend and yet I have few days before realizing that it's been a long time since my last post.. What a waste of time.. ^_^ Anyway, my trip to Genting couple of weeks ago was still not finish to be told.. So now I would love~ to continue the sequel.. Yosh!!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9.30am

While stopping at the side of the road.. (anyone who doesn't have a clue.. click here.. ^_^).. the man then browsed his phone.. it was iPhone4.. wallah!! erk!! Ok.. actually he doesn't have a clue which route to Genting to use beside MRR2.. so he look for iPhone4 map. Out of the blue, the 2nd girl took out her new phone.. it's a smart phone. Even smarter, she got Garmin installed. So, actually the route will be easier if you have such a speaking guide like Garmin.. So, the conversation start here.. hehe.. tetttt!!!

The Man: "Waaa.. tetttt!! (refering to the 2nd girl name.. like it's censored.. ^_^) Itak pakei nset baru la. HTC ya nk? HTC pa ya?," although he knows what the answer.. bad~.
2nd Girl: "Waaa.. (influenced by the man) tok HTC Desire..," with her happy face.
The Man: "HTC Desire?.. Pahal nya besar cam HTC HD2 juak tok," still got time to converse though he's actually busy idetifying the route.
1st Girl: "Nya la HTC Desire phone baru tok.. Mek pun E71 jak (Erk! Not in actually dialog.. huhu)," while making unsatisfied look.. ^_^
2nd Girl: "Tok mmg cam HTC HD2 ya.. mana sudah itak pun HTC HD2 (interframe la HTC HD2 tok.. erk!)," so curious..
The Man: "Mek da jual la," while smiling.
1st Girl: "Yaa.. nya da jual.. huhu," a bit provoking.
2nd Girl: "Cet.. sik mok jual ngan amek tok.. mula2 cakap mok jual, pasya mok simpan.. cet.. pasya jual juak.. cet.. (eh how many cet daa)," a bit angry.
The Man: "Cepat2.. mok jalan da tok," changing the topic.. haha

The Man then signaled to the right and drove the car while having a conversation about HTC and iPhone4 and concluded as iPhone4 is better.. erk!.. that was a joke. Actually, both have it's own advantages. One thing for sure.. The Man enjoys his iPhone4 so much as well as the 2nd Girl enjoys her HTC Desire. Hmm.. how about the 1st Girl.. there's a rumor about her buying new phones.. Why? When? Hmm.. not sure lah.. hehe.. Good to know though. 

So, The Man with both girls drove using duke to Genting while refering to iPhone4 map (she's won.. erk!) and arrived at Genting around 10.30am. While arriving the excitement was like over the top hedge before something happened.. kinda frustrating still incident. Told ya.. There's a lot of things happened. Huhu.. be continued

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homecoming.. Through Labuan.. Yosh!!!


Yosh!! My sudden planning to spend my Chinese New Year vacation at my hometown.. Sandakan was a success.. After facing a long trip from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu (KK) to Sandakan. Luckily I have really good frens in KK who have helped me a lot. 
Thank you so much guys.

Actually my Chinese New Year vacation was planned first to be in Bangkok but then changed to be within KL only (boring~). I guess I'm up to challenges and willing to sacrifice my money and time just to have a meaningful vacation. So, I've then decided to go back to my hometown in Sandakan within a reasonable budget even though it will consume most of my time travelling.. huhu.. at the same I can deliver something for my niece and nephew instead of posting them.

Anyway.. I manage to get through. So here are some of what I've going through before I can enjoying my time in my parent's house at my hometown.. Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.. ^_^

On 29th February 2011, I departed from KL by 7.45am.. before boarding.. I have to face a long que of human.. such a zig-zag que. Before going on-board, a heart-stumping incident has happenned.. huhu. But the case was simply settled after asking someone whom advised me to look at my boarding gate.. and yes my pass was there.. Someone has brought the pass to the boarding gate. However, I that wasn't the case, I was told that I can still print back the pass at the boarding gate. Luckily my case wasn't that complicated.. ^_^.. So I was safely departed and landed at Labuan International Airport.

While in Labuan.. yeah.. I'm not a fully-organized person. So, I never thought of what to do in Labuan.. until I was there. I was then thinking of doing some shopping since Labuan is a duty-free area. The problem is that I don't know where to go though I do know that the ferry/boat port to KK is just near to the duty-free shopping area. So, I rent a taxi which cost me RM12.50 to bring me to the port. On my way to the port, I was told by the taxi driver to shop within the port. So I did but only window shopping.. (^_^)v

Going to KK.. I've decided to use a boat. It costs me RM15 and it only took me about 20 minutes to Menumbok jetty near Sipitang which is about 2 hours distance to KK. When I've reached Menumbok jetty, I have to wait for about 45 minutes for a taxi which then took me another 2 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu. The taxi driver charged me RM30.

In KK, I met my friends.. Enjoying our time.. Karaokeing and stuff the whole day. So, I stayed in KK before taking a bus to go to Sandakan the next day.. which took me another 6 hours ++ to stop exactly at my area.. Batu 7. The bus cost me about RM40. So, here I am.. on a couch.. in front of the tv.. at the living room.. enjoying my relaxing day.. before I will face again the same route back to Kuala Lumpur. Till then.. I will enjoying my time here. ^_^

Here are some simply snapped pictures for the readers.. is it necessary?

None of them has took me to Menumbok Jetty.. 
It is the one that took me to Menumbok Jetty.. Safely.. ^_^
Me on-board.. Nervous? Chet.. A bit.. Huhu
Heart of my brother n his wife.. Relieve after handing my gifts for them.. Looking at their reaction.. It's worthied.
Lepaking in living room.. Enjoying the couch.. ^_^ 
 p/s: Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Enjoying Genting !!! - The Sequel


Haha.. Erk! It's funny how I can start my n3 with laughing. Actually it's related to my trip to Genting last week which I still can't complete telling it. Huh!..

Back to the story.. after this scene.. the man and the 1st girl had manage to overcome the drama and then heading to fetch the 2nd girl. So here's what happened:

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 8.40am

The Man & The 1st Girl Situation:
1st Girl: "Ehehehehahaha.. hihi.. huhu", can't stop herself laughing..
The Man: "Mek janji ngan itak ari tok.. bukan esok atau lusa atau lusa ulat", erk!.. alike madness but he's not
1st Girl: "Aihhhh.. Aihhhhh..", still laughing.. erk! something wrong.. hihi
The Man: "Sik mok pecaya itak da tok", provoking..
1st Girl: "Ehehehehahahaha..", yaaa..
The Man: "Itak da kol Tetttt! sik?", the man asking the 1st girl
1st Girl: "Mek da mesej nya kita da gerak gi amek nya", said the girl spontaniously..
The Man: "Ok...", simply answering while focussing on the road.

n the rest was history..

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9.00am

In Front Of The 2nd Girl Condo:
The Man: "Cney Tettt! tok? Nya janji tunggu bawah tok. To nya pun batang idung sik muncul.. janji nya apatah lagi.. aihhh..", mumbling alone yaa.. huhu
1st Girl: "Aihhhh.. sikpa2.. tok masih awal gik", feeling guilty.. ya ka? Tettttt!

The man then call the 2nd Girl..

The Man: "Hello~ mek org da berkematu tunggu ctok.. cney itak?", provoke gik tok..
2nd Girl: "Ok2.. 10 minit.. Mek turun.. Itak org lambat owh.. wat drama ka sia?", try to divert the blame haa..
The Man: "Kelak mek cerita.. mek org tgu ctok.. cepat ya turun", hopingless..
2nd Girl: "Ok2..", tut tut..

20 minutes later..

1st Girl: "Tok nya da sampei", converse happily..
The Man: "Cney?", while turning to the condo n saw the 2nd girl walking toward the him.

The 2nd Girl entered the car..

2nd Girl: "Itak org lambat tok..", try to start the hectic day..
The Man: "Mek ingat sorang jak yang x menepati janji.. dua2 sik tepati janji duhal..", sounded angry..
1st Girl & 2nd Girl: "Hehehehe..", while maintaining their grace.. huhu.. but the rest was also history.

They had start the trip on 9.25am. A few meters of driving.. the man suddenly stopped the car beside the road.. and looking for the direction through phone.. suddenly a newly bought phone was introduced and get into attention of people in the black car.. Wanna know more? Wait for the next sequel yaa.. Huhu.. iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire.. Ting! Ting!.. Bye2 E72.. eheheehahaha..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finding The Accomodation


I know I've got works to do.. Yet my mind is wandering to somewhere else beside doing my report.. N it's became more interesting surfing the internet to find a new application for iPhone4 which is really cool. It's the application for finding a place to stay on earth.. valid throughout the world.. n the software promise to offer the best deal by the hotel.. I'm not sure of that though..

However, I've download the app. and find out that it's quite helpful.. by means it's easy to use.. user frenly.. resulting fast enough n most of all.. it's another option of finding the accomodation.. which is useful enough for everyone.

So, any of you guys who want to look for the app.. just look at the AppStore and search for iFindHotels.. it's for free.. Enjoy the app.. Yeah!!! ^_^

p/s: For iPhone users lor.. sorry.. ^_^

Lunch @ The Mall


Hye guys.. I've got a proposal to make.. Which I totally recommend.. Lunch at Memori Corner at the 4th Floor of The Mall Shopping Centre.. Near PWTC there.. Actually, I'm not sure about the place real name.. Huhu.. but I'm sure any of you won't have much trouble searching for the place.. Thrust me.

Straight to my point.. Yesterday.. I have had my lunch with the two cute~ ladies.. One is taken but one is still available.. valid till last couple of hour la.. Not sure if the status change in just a few minutes ago.. Just like the currency.. huhu.. Anyway, this n3 is dedicated to both ladies coz they have asked me about the pictures.. So here they are..

The Two Cute~ Ladies.. Cute meh? Cute lor.. huhu
Me Enter-Frame.. Valid.. ^_^
Cool.. v(^_^)
I recommend any of you (that shameless like us.. haha) to take the picture while excalating down too.. turn ur head up n see ur reflection.. huhu.. 
Sakainyer? No lah.. 
we just using the facilities to the fullest.. yeah!!! ^_^

Monday, January 24, 2011



Berikut jawapan soalan bonus yang diberikan..

1. Warna blog asal Fasihah Supian adalah hijau.

2.(i) Kelemahan Blog: Link utk view profile agak bawah. Perlu dinaikkan.
   (ii) Cadangan mencantikkan blog: Ubah header sebab nampak kurang "sharp".

3. 13 ekor.

Enjoying Genting !!!


It's time for my previous n3 sequel.. hee.. Need a reminder? 
Click here
Well.. for a short flashback.. I'm writing about me and my frenz' rendezvous in Genting Highland.. 
Still a fresh memory in mind. I cherish it!

Anyway, this n3 is a chronology if may mention of..
2 girls, A man & the black car.. (^_^)v

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Converse with the 1st Girl:
A Man: "Besok mek tunggu bawah umah itak kul 7pagi ok. Bukan 6pagi, bukan 8pagi.. 7.15pagi", hoping the girl gets it.. ^_^
1st Girl: "Mek tunggu depan tangga ya kul 7pagi", with her kidding tone.. yaa.. erk!

Converse with the 2nd girl:
A Man: "Besok jumpa dpn kondo itak kul 8pagi ok. Bukan 7pagi, bukan 9pagi.. 8pagi", hoping the same thing as what he hope from the 1st girl.. ^_^
2nd Girl: "Ok.", not worrying about breaking the promise.. yaa.. haha

Before sleeping, a man try to reach the 1st girl by phone.. tetttt!!! Nobody~ Nobody~
Without suspecting any, he went to sleep.

Thursday, January 20, 2011
A Man Situation:
6.00am - "Tiu.. Tiu.. Tiuuu..", the alarm is braking the silence. The man still sleeping.
6.40am - The man suddenly woke up by himself. Suprised to wake up that late, jumped.. *yaa jumped.. to the toilet. Take a short but yet clean bath.. clean enough to go for a whole day trip. He got ready as fast as he can.. real fast in fact.. ^_^
7.00am - He drove to pick-up the 1st girl. He tried to contact her 1st. Tettt!! Voice Mail. He got worried but managed to drive to the girl place.
7.25am - Arrived at the destination. Yet the girl can't be contact. He then contact another man - joining the trip but going by his own car - explained about the.. yaa.. tempting condition.. erk!
7.40am - A message from an unknown number.. ".. Tok num mek sigek gk... Mek tgu itak kat ofiz", Erk!! He got confused. Luckily he managed to find the girl car.. yaaa.. she's still not ready. He called her.

A Man & the 1st Girl Conversation:
A Man: "Itak cney. 7pagi hari tok ya", frustrated.. eh..
1st Girl: "Aihhh.. mek baru bangun tok. Itak cney?", with her soaked voice.. hee
A Man: "Mek bawah umah itak la", cool..
1st Girl: "Hehe.. sowey2.. mek gi siap lok..", she ended the call then rushed up to get ready.

The man then took his time wandering around the area with sober.. sik~.. happy.. ^_^

Well this is a part of the trip. There's a lot to be putted here.. haha.. Get ready. Yeehaaa.. ^_'

But in the end.. we got a real sweet memory..

Friday, January 21, 2011

2 Years of Service..


I need to remind myself here.. coz I treat my blog as a so-called diary to refer later on. Anyway, yesterday (January 19th, 2011) has been absolutely 2 years of service for my current company. Haha.. Happy? Yeah!.. Surprise? Yeah!!.. coz it had reminded me of how fast the time is running.

Therefore, each moment should be cherish respectedly. So, I got involved in a small gathering with my company's mate at Genting Highland Theme Park as one way of celebrating the 2 years period. It means 2 years of knowing each of us (some of the participants.. coz some was part of the relationship). Really funny.. "Bukan semua org bule terima kamek org", said the girls. I quote that by the way.. (^_^). Is it really true? I hope not.. (^_^)v

Hmm.. Why Genting Highland? 
Coz we can hype up and enjoy ourselves there.. and we did. Today was almost a day of joyfulness. Well, not really joyful in every seconds.. but in the end.. I really had a wonderful day there.

There are lots of picture to be loaded here and there was so much incidents to be interpreted here also. Huhu.. There was a bad one. But never mind.. it's always a way of living.. I enjoyed it! To all my colleague.. I believe we had a beautiful day today and looking forward for another exciting rendezvous.. Till then.. Nite.. 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011



First time joining Segment from Brader Ben..
As what is stated at this entry's title.. It's an Extravaganza effort of Brader Ben to unite all bloggers..
Sounds interesting right?? Come and join..
Click Here To Join

Ok Ms. Emma.. Itak must join.. *I'm a pusher~.. ehehehaaa

~Thaipusam Rupanya~


Morning to all.. Just loading for another work.. So, I stop by to load my new n3.. huhu.. Got excited coz tomorrow is a holiday.. tonite will be the holiday eve.. so much to plan for that and hopefully one may works as planned.. especially with that one.. yes you.. erk! Huhu..

Anyway, tomorrow we're having a holiday as Thaipusam which is celebrated by the Indian. But the rendezvous has actually started by today.. if I may inform you guys.. coz they have started the celebration in Jalan Ipoh.. I am living in this road.. using this road to access to my office.. and found that this morning the road is crowded with lots of Indian. I found this to be interesting to share here as we intend to forget this harmonize country is a group of people celebrating each ones belief. So, I took the chance to snap some photos to show to you guys how's the situation was look like.. though I cannot really attached how I saw it through my eyes, I just hope you got to see the photo clear enough.

p/s: I've edited the photos and combined them into one..

The pictures are taken from afar in my small yet comfortable car.. Erk!!
FYI, I did saw the Kavadi-bearers (not taken into picture).. The yellow canopy (its in the picture) and a colorful..canopy (if i'm not mistaken). Hmm.. Actually I really need to know what was the agenda between this celebration. I did read some through wikipedia but can't really understand it as it may give me too much information. I may need a simple one. Hopefully I might reveal it through your comments. Any Indian that would like to share? Help yourselves.. (^_^)v

By the way.. Happy Holiday..

Monday, January 17, 2011



Today is a thankful day.. for we guys in the office.. because one of our colleague had successfully delivered a newborn baby boy.. baby boy~.. *not a beyonce song*

She delivered her baby last night around 11.00pm through scissor.. because of complication.. I need to interview her more for that.. since i'm not an interviewer.. so let's just forget it.. erk! Anyway, what's more important is the scissor was a success the baby is cute.. 
help yourselves to have a look..

~ Taken properly during our visit at the hospital on 1.15pm  ~

He's cute.. you can tell by his weight.. 3.1kg. Normal. Yeah..

So, by this chance, I want to congratulate my fren again.. Ms. Skin.. and her husband.. for the newly-borned baby boy. I guess after her maternity leave, she will no longer be our colleague. She'll be posting to a new department. By that, good luck for the new environment and good luck for raising the baby.. All The Best!!

That's not all.. huhu.. I said this n3 is about a thanksgiving. So, after visiting Ms. Skin, we all agreed on having our lunch at the most-influential restaurant in Kg. Baru during the lunch hour.. MZ Darulnaim Restaurant. Here, we.. Me, Mr. Khairul Nur, Kak Fitri, Kak Piza, and Ms.Erin have a wonderful lunch of the week.. huhu. I can't prove that coz I didn't take the picture of the meal. But trust me, it is more than 5 people can handle.. haha.. surely there are people who ate more than 1 people can eat.. not me.. hihi.. kidding.

Here are the picture of us after having the meal..

~ Look hectic.. but they hardly can move.. erk! ~

~ I refuse to look hectic.. (^_^)v ~
It's a thankginving coz we have witnessed how generous Allah for us in a day.. 
and for that.. Thank You Allah.

Something to share.. this is my favorite food but the fact that its price is expensive, despite i'm 'full'.. i didn't buy the food.. Just sharing the picture.. to remind me how costy it is.. 
looks like a fishball but yet it costs 4 for RM2.. save it.

~ Kuih Tepung Goma ~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st Misz-Ella.Blogspot Contest!!!


Wee.. Just last week I went to Sogo Warehouse Sale and of all things on sale.. what interest me was the perfume sale.. 50ml Hugo Boss No. 6 for RM130.. Sale hah? Still expensive rite?.. But despite the price, my craziness to its smell top it all. But I postponed my intention of buying it till the last day of sale period and found it to be sold out.. Waaa..

Anyway.. that was so yesterday. Luckily.. Kakchik came with this ATTRACTIVE!!! and AWESOME!!! Contest.. 

Check This Out!!

I mean it when I say ATTRACTIVE!!! and AWESOME!!!.. Why? What? How? Hmm.. too many Q won't get you anywhere.. just scroll down here:

As the promised gift is a perfume.. Not just a perfume.. 
It's the Giorgio Armani Best Seller for Men and Emporio Armani for Women!!

Best Seller!! 
Aqua Di Gio.. 
even better when it's for free.. (^_^)

Another Top Seller!! 
Emporio Armani Diamonds.. 
Make You Pop!

~ Here are some description about Aqua Di Gio to get you guys hype up.. Yeah!! ~
A resolutely masculine fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth, and the breeze of a Mediterranean island. Transparent, aromatic, and woody in nature Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme is a contemporary expression of masculinity, in an aura of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods. Fragrance notes: citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, hint of wood and ocean breezes. Recommended use: casual.
- Info by -

~ Here are some description about Emporio Armani Diamonds to get the girls pop up.. Yahoo!! ~ 
The fragrance is categorized as a gourmand floral, featuring top notes of lychee and raspberry; middle notes of rose, freesia and lily of the valley, and a base of vetiver, cedar wood, patchouli and vanilla. 
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Let me get u guys hype up even more ! Enjoy this comercial.. (^_^)

How cool is that?

By the way for the ladies, I am so sorry for not attaching any comercial for Emporio Armani Diamonds. Hope you can try to look at YouTube yourself. Make yourselves pop now.

As the terms for joining is enabling us to get along with each other blogger.. Love the idea.. Love Love Love.. Get me excited enough to open-up my own GA.. Wait till the time come alrite.. If you may wait..

Another term of the contest is to write a slogan.. So.. Here it is..
Saya suka membaca 'entry-entry' di misz-ella.blogspot kerana ia sangat-sangat sempoi berkisar tentang hidup seorang amoi yang saya letak dalam kategori realistik.. bukan artis yang memang la di kejar ke sana-sini.. tapi dia pun kena kejar (secara positif) melalui 'entry-entry' yang menarik. Bagi saya, 'entry-entry' di misz-ella.blogspot memang tak jauh beza ngan kehidupan saya sendiri (walaupun saya lelaki).. pasal makan la.. pasal gi berbelanja tingkap sorang2 (ni aktiviti yang saya selalu buat.. v(^_^)).. pasal aktiviti2 masa lapang.. semua la pasal hidup seorang insan biasa.. with her own ways of limelight.. which prove my ways of limelight either.. hehe.. tumpang glamor boleh ye Kakchik. Yang paling seronok.. saya rasa senang dengan diri kakchik walaupun hanya berkenalan melalui blog beliau. Kesimpulannya, saya suka membaca 'entry-entry' misz-ella.blogspot sebab bagi idea dan ilham untuk saya terus ber'blog'. 
Bravo Kakchik!
Mr.Bodyguard.. harus menjejaki jejak beliau.. Berusaha!! Eh..

Whatever you guys do.. it is best to start the effort. 
Here the link again.. 1st Misz-Ella.Blogspot Contest

So that's it.. For anyone that read this n3 and still not joining.. Throw your M*Malas* habit and try out this contest. It's worthied as you can think it yourselves. BTW, here I tag some of my fren.. Good Luck! Huhu..

Buat Kakchik.. Thanks for having guts to hold this contest.. 
Suppp!!!.. Without wasting any time I try my best to join it.. (^_^)v

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Golden Quest Answer..


Looking at the papers on my desk.. My raging mind still manage to think of these answers.. Huhu.. 
"Stealing The Bone"

Anyway.. here are the answers for what I called the "Golden Quest" tagged randomly by the one and only.. Kak Chik @ Ella.. (^_^)v


1. What's Your Hobby?

    - Singing.. But my husky voice sounds weird.. (^_^) ..I maybe a singer by now if not. Since karaoke cost too much *the 'toilet karoke' concept thrown the feel.. haha.. so I go to the 2nd ranking.. Blogging yeah!..

2. List Down Places To Go.
    - Heaven.. erk! Too much to be listed here.. 

    - Bangkok
    - Bali
    - Phuket Island
    - Karabi Island
    - Hawaii Island
    - Eiffel Tower
    - Venice
    - Las Vegas

    - More..
3. Your Positive Attitude.
    - Hardworking, Loving, Futuristic

4. Your Negative Attitude.
    - Daydream, Not Realistic, Unfriendly most of the time

At the.. let's share the followers thought plak.. ALL THE BEST!! Gulp! Hehe..

The Beautiful Mind


Good Luck!! Chayo!! Chayo!! Bonne Chance!! Glück!! Buena Suerte!! удача!!

Hehe.. Well the meaning is the same.. Just a diff language.. 
To whom that know these language, credit to yourselves.. 
To whom that dont.. check it here..
Can refer the side-bar of this blog either.. hehe

Anyway.. I just recieved a message from my fren.. another fren.. 
who are now struggling to stand on her feet.. well, she explained it differently.. (^_^).. but the message is clearly the same..

For me.. 
I never hope bad things happen.. 

so for her.. 
surely you will handle the assessment PRETTY AWESOME!!
Your little furios confident will get you through.. Keep Your Faith In!!

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..Man Of Curiousity~...


I miss my fren.. Where Are You Now? Ponteng~ Erk!

Few days before.. 
The cold really showing in the face and the body-language.. Don't know how but I saw that~

I hear the coughin.. The voice was husky.. Not like the beautiful M.C voice but yaaa.. *credit to Miss Marrion for her trademark.. hehe.. yaaaa.. husky..

Maybe today..
my fren is having a sick leave.. So..

Get Well Soon~~ Sob.. Sob.. 
- credit to Google Images -
Coz tomorrow is our Karoke Session.. Erk!

Passport? Have.. Trip? Not Decided Yet..


Just about 3.21pm today.. I got my RED passport collected at Immigration Kota Damansara. Huhu.. Happy? Yeah! Excited? Yeah! Blur? A bit.. Why blur? I am blur myself.. erk!

Well.. actually it's about my trip to oversea. Of coz with such a short-term plan.. I'm expecting myself to go somewhere like below:

:: Singapore ::
Singapore Sightseeing
- Credit to Google Image -

1. Realistic trip. Quite Near-by.
2. The use of bus - low cost.
3. Budget Hotel ~ RM 200 (per night)
3. Reliable MRT as transport - save time-consumption
4. Some attractions: Universal Studio, Marina Bay, G-Max Bungee Reverse, 
Sentosa Island & More..

::Bangkok, Thailand::
I believe this is the Floating Market
- credit to Google Images -

1. The Use of Train - At most price = RM150 (per trip) - time-consume
2. Easy lodging.
3. Some attractions: Floating market, Siam Ocean World, 
Chao Phraya River & Waterways and More..

Waa.. I think trip to Singapore would be my choice.. but then I need to consider the currency which has quite increased nowadays.. Hmm.. How to decide lor.. Waa.. *Crossing my finger.. do I have to? Hee..

Any suggestion?? *waiting with arms wide open~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...My Favorite AJL Moment (2003)..


Waa.. I know this is so-called 'Yesterday'.. But the memory remained and will always do.. Love it since then.. Love what? Hehe..

Since Malaysia are still in the mood of talking about AJL 25.. yaaa.. Ana Raffali? What? Why? Whom? Well.. It doesn't matter.. for me.. any winner of this AJL 25 deserves it *since I don't have any favorite.. haha.. despite I do love Hanyut by Faizal Tahir.. still can't really care.. ('_')

Anyway.. Won't scatter things any further.. Coz I just wanna share My Favorite AJL Moment by my everlasting favorite singer.. Who? Help your self.. (^_^)


Well.. the tap dance is of coz not really impress me. I'm only impressed by her.. despite the fake ending.. she still got the big applause at the end.. huhu.. LOVE IT! (^_^)v.. U RAK GAL!! 

Afterall.. It just my taste.. As anyone of U guys do..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...Deal With The Pain..

I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I too too will miss you much
miss you much...

I can see the first leaf falling
it's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside
like the way I'm feeling inside
I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I too too will miss you much
miss you much...

Outside it's now raining
and tears are falling from my eyes
why did it have to happen
why did it all have to end
I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I too too will miss you much
miss you much...

I have your arms around me ooooh like fire
but when I open my eyes
you're gone...
I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I too too will miss you much
miss you much...

I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do feel I will miss you much
miss you much...

"Dedicated to a girl who her heart has been broken.. 
try to deal with the pain.. 
admit it to overcome it"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"GiveAway EdY : Awak Busuk!"...

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Hamboi.. Cik Mek Molek..


This entry is dedicated to Miss Emma.. Emma ape? Emma manusia biasa. Nya bukan Cik Mek Molek.. Hamboi.. Cik Mek Molek.. Erk! Huhu.. Our tight competition just now was quite interesting.. Not because we really compete. But because of the laughing filled all over the room. Huhuhu.. Sik paham kenak itak sik leh tangkap.. Aihh.. This is for a rememberance.. wakaka..

Is it clearer? Hehehe..
Alrite.. Got to go.. Tamat.. Chaa..

...Something To Laugh About..


Just wanna share something so funny informed by my fren Azrilafizi just a few minutes ago.. and it got me laughing *while rolling.. aihhh.. hehehe.. Anyway, Enjoy!

p/s: please hold your stomach with something rigid.. hehehe