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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talk Show SITI


Weehuu!! Couple of weeks before.. My friends invite me to join him watching the recording of Siti Talk Show SITI in Shah Alam.. Shame on me I didn't make it. Hopefully there will be another chances.

Anyway, just wanna share my thoughts about the show. By the way, I just saw the second episode (if not mistaken). As usual, the talk show will surely include a singing segment by Siti (the most successful singer in Malaysia) which the best segment for me.. since I love seeing her singing. That was the best part.

Unfortunately, Siti still not in control of the show. The talk was come across to me like a bit boring. For me, the crowd seems not energetic but of cause it refers back to Siti as the point of view. So, I really looking forward to see an improvement on that. Surely I will watch the show on each episode. Won't miss it! ^_^

~ Credit to Google Image ~
Looking forward to see her on a bike!! ^_^