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Friday, January 14, 2011

Passport? Have.. Trip? Not Decided Yet..


Just about 3.21pm today.. I got my RED passport collected at Immigration Kota Damansara. Huhu.. Happy? Yeah! Excited? Yeah! Blur? A bit.. Why blur? I am blur myself.. erk!

Well.. actually it's about my trip to oversea. Of coz with such a short-term plan.. I'm expecting myself to go somewhere like below:

:: Singapore ::
Singapore Sightseeing
- Credit to Google Image -

1. Realistic trip. Quite Near-by.
2. The use of bus - low cost.
3. Budget Hotel ~ RM 200 (per night)
3. Reliable MRT as transport - save time-consumption
4. Some attractions: Universal Studio, Marina Bay, G-Max Bungee Reverse, 
Sentosa Island & More..

::Bangkok, Thailand::
I believe this is the Floating Market
- credit to Google Images -

1. The Use of Train - At most price = RM150 (per trip) - time-consume
2. Easy lodging.
3. Some attractions: Floating market, Siam Ocean World, 
Chao Phraya River & Waterways and More..

Waa.. I think trip to Singapore would be my choice.. but then I need to consider the currency which has quite increased nowadays.. Hmm.. How to decide lor.. Waa.. *Crossing my finger.. do I have to? Hee..

Any suggestion?? *waiting with arms wide open~


saidzu said...

yo~ kalu nak gi bangkok, nak ikut. aku nk g sana jugak, tapi takde geng~

jamalia said...
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jamalia said...

i definitely vote for... SINGAPORE!
1. based on the picture above, the city shines out... berkilau nih... hehe..
2. Universal Studio sounds thrilling... bule jumpa Alex the lion, sama shrek.. huhu...
3. it's ur first choice... remember.. ur first instinct is right in most of the times... ;)

HAVE FUN LID!!! the memories wud b worthied... \(^_^)/

oh yaa... hai said... :)

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Said: Definitely.. Tp aku pun ngah wondering nih.. Kalo bg ko short-noticed susah jg.. hihi

Jama: Yeah.. will do go to Singapore.. Here I come.. erk!

saidzu said...

khalid: time aku g s'pore ujung thn lpas, aku dapat $26 satu malam utk lodging (RM65++), tapi backpackers hostel lh...

jama: hai~~

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Said: Aku rasa kalo stay hotel ramai2 ok kot.. ke admin marah? Apepun.. ko gi mn kt sg tuh.. share2 le.. sei2

saidzu said...

Dapatlah jejak Univerdal, Sentosa, Bugis Junction, Chinatown. 3D 2N jer. X dpt lama. ;p