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Monday, January 17, 2011



Today is a thankful day.. for we guys in the office.. because one of our colleague had successfully delivered a newborn baby boy.. baby boy~.. *not a beyonce song*

She delivered her baby last night around 11.00pm through scissor.. because of complication.. I need to interview her more for that.. since i'm not an interviewer.. so let's just forget it.. erk! Anyway, what's more important is the scissor was a success the baby is cute.. 
help yourselves to have a look..

~ Taken properly during our visit at the hospital on 1.15pm  ~

He's cute.. you can tell by his weight.. 3.1kg. Normal. Yeah..

So, by this chance, I want to congratulate my fren again.. Ms. Skin.. and her husband.. for the newly-borned baby boy. I guess after her maternity leave, she will no longer be our colleague. She'll be posting to a new department. By that, good luck for the new environment and good luck for raising the baby.. All The Best!!

That's not all.. huhu.. I said this n3 is about a thanksgiving. So, after visiting Ms. Skin, we all agreed on having our lunch at the most-influential restaurant in Kg. Baru during the lunch hour.. MZ Darulnaim Restaurant. Here, we.. Me, Mr. Khairul Nur, Kak Fitri, Kak Piza, and Ms.Erin have a wonderful lunch of the week.. huhu. I can't prove that coz I didn't take the picture of the meal. But trust me, it is more than 5 people can handle.. haha.. surely there are people who ate more than 1 people can eat.. not me.. hihi.. kidding.

Here are the picture of us after having the meal..

~ Look hectic.. but they hardly can move.. erk! ~

~ I refuse to look hectic.. (^_^)v ~
It's a thankginving coz we have witnessed how generous Allah for us in a day.. 
and for that.. Thank You Allah.

Something to share.. this is my favorite food but the fact that its price is expensive, despite i'm 'full'.. i didn't buy the food.. Just sharing the picture.. to remind me how costy it is.. 
looks like a fishball but yet it costs 4 for RM2.. save it.

~ Kuih Tepung Goma ~


taliff said...

huhuhhuhh...syukur kepada allah~~~syukur


Hanim Mahali said...

lah, camtu rupanya kuih tepung goma... makanan pantai timur tu... but not sure kelantan or terengganu...

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Mr. Taliff: Syukur~ Thank you Allah~ Ko bila nk kawin? Hehe.. terus terjah..

Ms. Hanim: Biasanya pakai kacang ijau so nmpk cam ijau2 n leper sket.. ni lain.. tp rasanya tetap sm.. kot.. x rasa pun.. hee

E.d.Y said...

congratz to her for new baby boy

wah..xpernah pun tgk tepung goma...macam tu rupanya...

phiza said...


khalid: kpza pn sama..this one look so different..erk nmpak pn cam x sedapp..sorry...ha3

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Edy: Hopefully Ms. Skin read this so she got ur wish.. Yup.. amoi jual tu bg tau ni tepung goma.. tp yg sy biasa makan lain rupa sket. So, there's other version lagi.

Kak Pza: Rs dia kureng kot coz biasa makan inti kelapa.. yg ni cam inti kacang.

Anonymous said...

Kak Fitri...OMG Khalid..u're making me feel like i'm 100 thounsand older than u..porahhhh...!!!Fit enough please and i love our group pic..sbb aku cute.. :)

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Haha.. Ye Fit ko da berumur.. erk! No3.. jgn tambah mode sedey ko ye.. will call u Fit from now on.. huhu

hamzah ian said...

lama tak makan kuih tepung goma.. tu nama dia eh? baru tau nama

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Hamzah: Ni antara rupa kuih tepung goma.. tp ada rupa lain.. ada peluang aku tunjuk kt n3 lain..