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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Beautiful Mind


Good Luck!! Chayo!! Chayo!! Bonne Chance!! Glück!! Buena Suerte!! удача!!

Hehe.. Well the meaning is the same.. Just a diff language.. 
To whom that know these language, credit to yourselves.. 
To whom that dont.. check it here..
Can refer the side-bar of this blog either.. hehe

Anyway.. I just recieved a message from my fren.. another fren.. 
who are now struggling to stand on her feet.. well, she explained it differently.. (^_^).. but the message is clearly the same..

For me.. 
I never hope bad things happen.. 

so for her.. 
surely you will handle the assessment PRETTY AWESOME!!
Your little furios confident will get you through.. Keep Your Faith In!!

- credit to Google Images -

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