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Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoying Genting !!!


It's time for my previous n3 sequel.. hee.. Need a reminder? 
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Well.. for a short flashback.. I'm writing about me and my frenz' rendezvous in Genting Highland.. 
Still a fresh memory in mind. I cherish it!

Anyway, this n3 is a chronology if may mention of..
2 girls, A man & the black car.. (^_^)v

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Converse with the 1st Girl:
A Man: "Besok mek tunggu bawah umah itak kul 7pagi ok. Bukan 6pagi, bukan 8pagi.. 7.15pagi", hoping the girl gets it.. ^_^
1st Girl: "Mek tunggu depan tangga ya kul 7pagi", with her kidding tone.. yaa.. erk!

Converse with the 2nd girl:
A Man: "Besok jumpa dpn kondo itak kul 8pagi ok. Bukan 7pagi, bukan 9pagi.. 8pagi", hoping the same thing as what he hope from the 1st girl.. ^_^
2nd Girl: "Ok.", not worrying about breaking the promise.. yaa.. haha

Before sleeping, a man try to reach the 1st girl by phone.. tetttt!!! Nobody~ Nobody~
Without suspecting any, he went to sleep.

Thursday, January 20, 2011
A Man Situation:
6.00am - "Tiu.. Tiu.. Tiuuu..", the alarm is braking the silence. The man still sleeping.
6.40am - The man suddenly woke up by himself. Suprised to wake up that late, jumped.. *yaa jumped.. to the toilet. Take a short but yet clean bath.. clean enough to go for a whole day trip. He got ready as fast as he can.. real fast in fact.. ^_^
7.00am - He drove to pick-up the 1st girl. He tried to contact her 1st. Tettt!! Voice Mail. He got worried but managed to drive to the girl place.
7.25am - Arrived at the destination. Yet the girl can't be contact. He then contact another man - joining the trip but going by his own car - explained about the.. yaa.. tempting condition.. erk!
7.40am - A message from an unknown number.. ".. Tok num mek sigek gk... Mek tgu itak kat ofiz", Erk!! He got confused. Luckily he managed to find the girl car.. yaaa.. she's still not ready. He called her.

A Man & the 1st Girl Conversation:
A Man: "Itak cney. 7pagi hari tok ya", frustrated.. eh..
1st Girl: "Aihhh.. mek baru bangun tok. Itak cney?", with her soaked voice.. hee
A Man: "Mek bawah umah itak la", cool..
1st Girl: "Hehe.. sowey2.. mek gi siap lok..", she ended the call then rushed up to get ready.

The man then took his time wandering around the area with sober.. sik~.. happy.. ^_^

Well this is a part of the trip. There's a lot to be putted here.. haha.. Get ready. Yeehaaa.. ^_'

But in the end.. we got a real sweet memory..


UniCorn_|aDy said...

n yet jgn lupak cita yg itak tumbok muka amek tok.. aihhh
O_^ <-- mata lebamm...

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Hehehe.. n3 balasan kpd yg sik menepati janji akan muncul nanti.. aihhh

Anonymous said...

comel giller muka siti... :)

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Fitri.. nmpk aje dia ngan kamera.. haha

UniCorn_|aDy said...

fit... abaikan muke ct... hehehe...
tue time muke gembira terlampau sambil nampak camera...
plus perut geli time maen benda nie... hehehe....
en carlo.... sila tutup mulut ek.. jangan nganga2... no no no no no~~

Lil' Pingu said...

Bestlah skrip cerita ko? Mcm ku pnh tonton cerita nie..hmm..di mana ya..

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...

Emma: Hehe.. tgh menguap.. neda cabaran.. erk!

Lil' Pingu: Bukan ko yg wat skrip tuh? hehe.. Muka cam tgh geli perut jak.. ^_^