seriale tv All The Love In The World: March 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Waaar.. I just found this video from youtube and it is fun to watch now and then. Well, she's my favorite singer afterall. But I did find out the video to be funny n cheerful. Siti are allowable to do anything coz in the end it will turn out adorable to me. I believe we all feel the same to the people we admire.

Here I attached the video for me and anyone who feel like watching. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Climbing Broga Hill


Last Sunday.. 13 March 2011, I went to Broga Hill with some of my friends. It was quite a journey since we gather from 9.00pm of 12 March 2011 and went to pick some others till we stop-by at my friend house by 2.00am of 13 March 2011. Not yet asleep, some friends watched a movie while the other trying to sleep including me but failed to do so. Huhu.

But when it's already 4.00 o'clock, I felt sleepy and had been trying to sleep still. My friends still enjoying a movie until 4.40am, they finish the movie and got excited to go to Broga. But I was thinking that the trip shouldn't be continue coz it's about dawn already. But my eager friends manage to stick to the plan. By 5.05am, we went to Broga Hill. Got a bit lost on our way, we had arrived at Broga by 5.50am. We park somewhere on the side of the road.

Looking at so many people there, the excitement suddenly boosten up. We started the climbing around 6.10am and managed to arrive at a stopping area by 6.30am. We have a thought that it's high enough so we just stayed there waiting for the scenery to become clearer and when it did, it is calmingly beautiful. By that we have taken some pictures and give our best posts. Huhu. 

It was fun.

Trying to climb down..
When there is a lens.. I won't show my tiredness.. wuekkk! ^_^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday!!!

Salam to All..

I never hate Monday. I just wish that today is Friday.. huhu

Anyway, hope today is a bless. Hope everyday day is a bless. 

Credit to Google Image

Saturday, March 12, 2011

~ Once Upon A Dream ~


Just wanna share my recently activity.. couple of minutes ago.. huhu

I have saved the video of fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, few weeks before and never really have the time to watch it. Out of the blue, I have watched it last nite. Huhu. Remembering the moment I watched the story when I was in my primary school with my sisters.. I guess it's worthied to watch it again. But the best part is that now they have this Emily Osment singing the song from the story called Once Upon A Dream. Well, I like it. So here I attached the video. Hope you guys like it too.. ^_^ 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Words Of March..

"If You Aim For Nothing, You'll Hit It Everytime"

A Sharp Shooter - Credit to Google Image

This morning, I was just cleaned up my office desk. 
Orginizing my things.. while listening to Ilusi by Adira.. erk! 

Anyway, as I finish my cleaning, I found my new management book that I bought last year. Here's where I got the stated phrase above. I didn't found any quote. So, I guess it is wise to put by 'Words of March'. What's important is that I got the meaning. Well, for me, it means we need to aim for something. Don't waste our time of not having any target. Doesn't matter if we hit our target or not. We'll soon learn to adapt with our shooting. And soon enough, we may become A Sharp Shooter.. ^_^

All The Best in Everything You Do!