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Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st Misz-Ella.Blogspot Contest!!!


Wee.. Just last week I went to Sogo Warehouse Sale and of all things on sale.. what interest me was the perfume sale.. 50ml Hugo Boss No. 6 for RM130.. Sale hah? Still expensive rite?.. But despite the price, my craziness to its smell top it all. But I postponed my intention of buying it till the last day of sale period and found it to be sold out.. Waaa..

Anyway.. that was so yesterday. Luckily.. Kakchik came with this ATTRACTIVE!!! and AWESOME!!! Contest.. 

Check This Out!!

I mean it when I say ATTRACTIVE!!! and AWESOME!!!.. Why? What? How? Hmm.. too many Q won't get you anywhere.. just scroll down here:

As the promised gift is a perfume.. Not just a perfume.. 
It's the Giorgio Armani Best Seller for Men and Emporio Armani for Women!!

Best Seller!! 
Aqua Di Gio.. 
even better when it's for free.. (^_^)

Another Top Seller!! 
Emporio Armani Diamonds.. 
Make You Pop!

~ Here are some description about Aqua Di Gio to get you guys hype up.. Yeah!! ~
A resolutely masculine fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth, and the breeze of a Mediterranean island. Transparent, aromatic, and woody in nature Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme is a contemporary expression of masculinity, in an aura of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods. Fragrance notes: citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, hint of wood and ocean breezes. Recommended use: casual.
- Info by -

~ Here are some description about Emporio Armani Diamonds to get the girls pop up.. Yahoo!! ~ 
The fragrance is categorized as a gourmand floral, featuring top notes of lychee and raspberry; middle notes of rose, freesia and lily of the valley, and a base of vetiver, cedar wood, patchouli and vanilla. 
- Info by -

Let me get u guys hype up even more ! Enjoy this comercial.. (^_^)

How cool is that?

By the way for the ladies, I am so sorry for not attaching any comercial for Emporio Armani Diamonds. Hope you can try to look at YouTube yourself. Make yourselves pop now.

As the terms for joining is enabling us to get along with each other blogger.. Love the idea.. Love Love Love.. Get me excited enough to open-up my own GA.. Wait till the time come alrite.. If you may wait..

Another term of the contest is to write a slogan.. So.. Here it is..
Saya suka membaca 'entry-entry' di misz-ella.blogspot kerana ia sangat-sangat sempoi berkisar tentang hidup seorang amoi yang saya letak dalam kategori realistik.. bukan artis yang memang la di kejar ke sana-sini.. tapi dia pun kena kejar (secara positif) melalui 'entry-entry' yang menarik. Bagi saya, 'entry-entry' di misz-ella.blogspot memang tak jauh beza ngan kehidupan saya sendiri (walaupun saya lelaki).. pasal makan la.. pasal gi berbelanja tingkap sorang2 (ni aktiviti yang saya selalu buat.. v(^_^)).. pasal aktiviti2 masa lapang.. semua la pasal hidup seorang insan biasa.. with her own ways of limelight.. which prove my ways of limelight either.. hehe.. tumpang glamor boleh ye Kakchik. Yang paling seronok.. saya rasa senang dengan diri kakchik walaupun hanya berkenalan melalui blog beliau. Kesimpulannya, saya suka membaca 'entry-entry' misz-ella.blogspot sebab bagi idea dan ilham untuk saya terus ber'blog'. 
Bravo Kakchik!
Mr.Bodyguard.. harus menjejaki jejak beliau.. Berusaha!! Eh..

Whatever you guys do.. it is best to start the effort. 
Here the link again.. 1st Misz-Ella.Blogspot Contest

So that's it.. For anyone that read this n3 and still not joining.. Throw your M*Malas* habit and try out this contest. It's worthied as you can think it yourselves. BTW, here I tag some of my fren.. Good Luck! Huhu..

Buat Kakchik.. Thanks for having guts to hold this contest.. 
Suppp!!!.. Without wasting any time I try my best to join it.. (^_^)v


taliff said...

arghhhh...aku kono tag!

taliff said...

1 more, chatbox boleh pakai kew tu??? nak taip xdpt

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Huhu.. Pe lagi Sir Taliff.. Join3.. X rugi maa.. About CBox.. Lupa unlock daa.. kikiki.. Sorry for the inconvinience.. Cam ayat surat korporat la plak..

taliff said...

huhuhuh....a'a surat koperat merat

Hanim Mahali said...

Gud Luck for da contest and selamat blogging.... ^_^

E.d.Y said...

wow..perfume tu..good luck yer

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Thanks Edy..

UniCorn_|aDy said...

itak dh makan or jual ikan ya?????

kakchik@ella said...

adik, mekaceh join entry akak ye. menarik n3 adik ni. hihi ..

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Ms. Emma: ikan2 telah dilelong sempena sale CNY.. huhu..

Kakchik: welcome2.. kecik tapak tgn nyiru sy tadahkan.. chewah.. nantikan n3 sy berpantun.. erk!

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Thanks Ms. Hanim.. mari blogging..

alinac lover said...

gud luck ya :)

salam kenal

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...


Alinac Lover: Tq3..

Salam berkenalan juga..