seriale tv All The Love In The World: February 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

~ Ilusi ~


Hmm.. this en3 is for my favorite song to-date.. Ilusi by Adira. I just heard the song through HotFM this morning while driving to the office. Love hearing to Adira's voice through this song but I do wish this song is sang by Siti. What Siti?? Huhu.. just had it enough to tell. ^_^

Anyway.. from my point of view.. this song is such a romantic but fresh to my mind. I like to quote the lyric here.. "Pabila bercinta dan dicinta Jadi cinta Cinta mega.. Biar Cinta Jadi Fenomena" Hmm.. that's what is mesmerizing to me rite now.. but only that.. the whole lyric was not sunk into my memory yet.. hehe

By that.. I'm enjoying my time at my office.. (^_^)v 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give Opinion And Be Paid!!


It is a fresh morning.. looking out from my window.. I a see bright blue morning. It freshen me up.. ^_^ Is it because of last nite blessing or because of today's mercy? Hmm..

Talking about last nite, I won't say I was lucky but I do feel fortunate. When I was surfing the net.. while watching a downloaded tv series.. Glee.. first season.. well you know rite.. I was quite left behind.. And honestly the series can't cope with my taste enough. I zoomed out the display and just hearing the sound and surf the internet.. huhu..

While searching.. I was brought into an advertisement on the internet.. about a website that pays you for your opinion. Sounds easy. I looked for it. I sign-up. I answered all the questions given.. can't really hear the Glee episode by then.. huhu. Within half an hour.. I finished all the questionaires and guess what.. I got $26 in my account. Is it for real? can't ensure about that. But is it worthied? I guess so.

Only that I cannot withdraw the money just yet. I need to answer more question till my money reached $75.. hmm.. But I did make a look on how I will get my payment.. it's through PayPal. A website that works as a bank. You can save your money there for online transactions. You can also withdraw the money. But it will be charged if it is less than RM400.

So, that's it. how about the Glee? Well I can't finished it. Huhu.. Anyway, if you got interested about what I have explained just now.. You can have a check here.. 

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting to Wander Around


This year.. am about to start wandering around.. from Jakarta - Singapore - Bangkok - Manila.. hehe.. Still naive in a travelling internationally.. So I just warming up by going to these few places..

Next year.. I did planning on going to Gold Coast - London - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Seoul - Paris.. Waa.. Too many places to be.. LOL! But the trip won't happen if I'm going alone.. So I would like to invite all my friends to join me if you guys have heart to travel to these places too or again.. With my arms wide open..

Let's enjoy being out there..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talk Show SITI


Weehuu!! Couple of weeks before.. My friends invite me to join him watching the recording of Siti Talk Show SITI in Shah Alam.. Shame on me I didn't make it. Hopefully there will be another chances.

Anyway, just wanna share my thoughts about the show. By the way, I just saw the second episode (if not mistaken). As usual, the talk show will surely include a singing segment by Siti (the most successful singer in Malaysia) which the best segment for me.. since I love seeing her singing. That was the best part.

Unfortunately, Siti still not in control of the show. The talk was come across to me like a bit boring. For me, the crowd seems not energetic but of cause it refers back to Siti as the point of view. So, I really looking forward to see an improvement on that. Surely I will watch the show on each episode. Won't miss it! ^_^

~ Credit to Google Image ~
Looking forward to see her on a bike!! ^_^

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Hobby!! Woohoo~


Woohoo!! I just discovering my new hobby.. which was shopping stuff at IKEA Damansara.. huhu
Actually, last Saturday.. Since my trip to Kemaman, Terengganu by my colleague.. I then went to IKEA Damansara where I was going to buy a table lamp.. coz my table lamp was suspected *only suspected* to be damaged.

At IKEA I was very attracted to the stuff and ended up buying more than a lamp. Looking to my resit.. it's over hundred. But it's fine for me.. I just went back home and discover that I left a lamp stand at the counter plus my new lamp is broken. So, I went back to IKEA and return the lamp plus redeem the left-over stuff. Unfortunately, they only give me the amount of the lamp so I need to get in back to the store to find the lamp which ended up me buying new things and cost me even higher than before.. haha

When I reached back home, I was thinking if I go to IKEA for the third time.. what will I buy? Huhu.. Anyway.. I love to go again to IKEA.. ^_^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire ~


Waa.. Quit a long weekend and yet I have few days before realizing that it's been a long time since my last post.. What a waste of time.. ^_^ Anyway, my trip to Genting couple of weeks ago was still not finish to be told.. So now I would love~ to continue the sequel.. Yosh!!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9.30am

While stopping at the side of the road.. (anyone who doesn't have a clue.. click here.. ^_^).. the man then browsed his phone.. it was iPhone4.. wallah!! erk!! Ok.. actually he doesn't have a clue which route to Genting to use beside MRR2.. so he look for iPhone4 map. Out of the blue, the 2nd girl took out her new phone.. it's a smart phone. Even smarter, she got Garmin installed. So, actually the route will be easier if you have such a speaking guide like Garmin.. So, the conversation start here.. hehe.. tetttt!!!

The Man: "Waaa.. tetttt!! (refering to the 2nd girl name.. like it's censored.. ^_^) Itak pakei nset baru la. HTC ya nk? HTC pa ya?," although he knows what the answer.. bad~.
2nd Girl: "Waaa.. (influenced by the man) tok HTC Desire..," with her happy face.
The Man: "HTC Desire?.. Pahal nya besar cam HTC HD2 juak tok," still got time to converse though he's actually busy idetifying the route.
1st Girl: "Nya la HTC Desire phone baru tok.. Mek pun E71 jak (Erk! Not in actually dialog.. huhu)," while making unsatisfied look.. ^_^
2nd Girl: "Tok mmg cam HTC HD2 ya.. mana sudah itak pun HTC HD2 (interframe la HTC HD2 tok.. erk!)," so curious..
The Man: "Mek da jual la," while smiling.
1st Girl: "Yaa.. nya da jual.. huhu," a bit provoking.
2nd Girl: "Cet.. sik mok jual ngan amek tok.. mula2 cakap mok jual, pasya mok simpan.. cet.. pasya jual juak.. cet.. (eh how many cet daa)," a bit angry.
The Man: "Cepat2.. mok jalan da tok," changing the topic.. haha

The Man then signaled to the right and drove the car while having a conversation about HTC and iPhone4 and concluded as iPhone4 is better.. erk!.. that was a joke. Actually, both have it's own advantages. One thing for sure.. The Man enjoys his iPhone4 so much as well as the 2nd Girl enjoys her HTC Desire. Hmm.. how about the 1st Girl.. there's a rumor about her buying new phones.. Why? When? Hmm.. not sure lah.. hehe.. Good to know though. 

So, The Man with both girls drove using duke to Genting while refering to iPhone4 map (she's won.. erk!) and arrived at Genting around 10.30am. While arriving the excitement was like over the top hedge before something happened.. kinda frustrating still incident. Told ya.. There's a lot of things happened. Huhu.. be continued

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homecoming.. Through Labuan.. Yosh!!!


Yosh!! My sudden planning to spend my Chinese New Year vacation at my hometown.. Sandakan was a success.. After facing a long trip from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu (KK) to Sandakan. Luckily I have really good frens in KK who have helped me a lot. 
Thank you so much guys.

Actually my Chinese New Year vacation was planned first to be in Bangkok but then changed to be within KL only (boring~). I guess I'm up to challenges and willing to sacrifice my money and time just to have a meaningful vacation. So, I've then decided to go back to my hometown in Sandakan within a reasonable budget even though it will consume most of my time travelling.. huhu.. at the same I can deliver something for my niece and nephew instead of posting them.

Anyway.. I manage to get through. So here are some of what I've going through before I can enjoying my time in my parent's house at my hometown.. Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.. ^_^

On 29th February 2011, I departed from KL by 7.45am.. before boarding.. I have to face a long que of human.. such a zig-zag que. Before going on-board, a heart-stumping incident has happenned.. huhu. But the case was simply settled after asking someone whom advised me to look at my boarding gate.. and yes my pass was there.. Someone has brought the pass to the boarding gate. However, I that wasn't the case, I was told that I can still print back the pass at the boarding gate. Luckily my case wasn't that complicated.. ^_^.. So I was safely departed and landed at Labuan International Airport.

While in Labuan.. yeah.. I'm not a fully-organized person. So, I never thought of what to do in Labuan.. until I was there. I was then thinking of doing some shopping since Labuan is a duty-free area. The problem is that I don't know where to go though I do know that the ferry/boat port to KK is just near to the duty-free shopping area. So, I rent a taxi which cost me RM12.50 to bring me to the port. On my way to the port, I was told by the taxi driver to shop within the port. So I did but only window shopping.. (^_^)v

Going to KK.. I've decided to use a boat. It costs me RM15 and it only took me about 20 minutes to Menumbok jetty near Sipitang which is about 2 hours distance to KK. When I've reached Menumbok jetty, I have to wait for about 45 minutes for a taxi which then took me another 2 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu. The taxi driver charged me RM30.

In KK, I met my friends.. Enjoying our time.. Karaokeing and stuff the whole day. So, I stayed in KK before taking a bus to go to Sandakan the next day.. which took me another 6 hours ++ to stop exactly at my area.. Batu 7. The bus cost me about RM40. So, here I am.. on a couch.. in front of the tv.. at the living room.. enjoying my relaxing day.. before I will face again the same route back to Kuala Lumpur. Till then.. I will enjoying my time here. ^_^

Here are some simply snapped pictures for the readers.. is it necessary?

None of them has took me to Menumbok Jetty.. 
It is the one that took me to Menumbok Jetty.. Safely.. ^_^
Me on-board.. Nervous? Chet.. A bit.. Huhu
Heart of my brother n his wife.. Relieve after handing my gifts for them.. Looking at their reaction.. It's worthied.
Lepaking in living room.. Enjoying the couch.. ^_^ 
 p/s: Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese!!!