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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give Opinion And Be Paid!!


It is a fresh morning.. looking out from my window.. I a see bright blue morning. It freshen me up.. ^_^ Is it because of last nite blessing or because of today's mercy? Hmm..

Talking about last nite, I won't say I was lucky but I do feel fortunate. When I was surfing the net.. while watching a downloaded tv series.. Glee.. first season.. well you know rite.. I was quite left behind.. And honestly the series can't cope with my taste enough. I zoomed out the display and just hearing the sound and surf the internet.. huhu..

While searching.. I was brought into an advertisement on the internet.. about a website that pays you for your opinion. Sounds easy. I looked for it. I sign-up. I answered all the questions given.. can't really hear the Glee episode by then.. huhu. Within half an hour.. I finished all the questionaires and guess what.. I got $26 in my account. Is it for real? can't ensure about that. But is it worthied? I guess so.

Only that I cannot withdraw the money just yet. I need to answer more question till my money reached $75.. hmm.. But I did make a look on how I will get my payment.. it's through PayPal. A website that works as a bank. You can save your money there for online transactions. You can also withdraw the money. But it will be charged if it is less than RM400.

So, that's it. how about the Glee? Well I can't finished it. Huhu.. Anyway, if you got interested about what I have explained just now.. You can have a check here.. 

Good Luck!!!


k34n0 said...

betul ke ni? dapat cash or kena tukar gift value tu

Anonymous said...

boley caya ke..??

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...

Krol: Betul le.. bley dpt cash.. tp kena daftar akaun paypal..

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...

Fit: Bley la.. mmg ade duit masuk.. cuma xleh kuarkan lg lor..