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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homecoming.. Through Labuan.. Yosh!!!


Yosh!! My sudden planning to spend my Chinese New Year vacation at my hometown.. Sandakan was a success.. After facing a long trip from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu (KK) to Sandakan. Luckily I have really good frens in KK who have helped me a lot. 
Thank you so much guys.

Actually my Chinese New Year vacation was planned first to be in Bangkok but then changed to be within KL only (boring~). I guess I'm up to challenges and willing to sacrifice my money and time just to have a meaningful vacation. So, I've then decided to go back to my hometown in Sandakan within a reasonable budget even though it will consume most of my time travelling.. huhu.. at the same I can deliver something for my niece and nephew instead of posting them.

Anyway.. I manage to get through. So here are some of what I've going through before I can enjoying my time in my parent's house at my hometown.. Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.. ^_^

On 29th February 2011, I departed from KL by 7.45am.. before boarding.. I have to face a long que of human.. such a zig-zag que. Before going on-board, a heart-stumping incident has happenned.. huhu. But the case was simply settled after asking someone whom advised me to look at my boarding gate.. and yes my pass was there.. Someone has brought the pass to the boarding gate. However, I that wasn't the case, I was told that I can still print back the pass at the boarding gate. Luckily my case wasn't that complicated.. ^_^.. So I was safely departed and landed at Labuan International Airport.

While in Labuan.. yeah.. I'm not a fully-organized person. So, I never thought of what to do in Labuan.. until I was there. I was then thinking of doing some shopping since Labuan is a duty-free area. The problem is that I don't know where to go though I do know that the ferry/boat port to KK is just near to the duty-free shopping area. So, I rent a taxi which cost me RM12.50 to bring me to the port. On my way to the port, I was told by the taxi driver to shop within the port. So I did but only window shopping.. (^_^)v

Going to KK.. I've decided to use a boat. It costs me RM15 and it only took me about 20 minutes to Menumbok jetty near Sipitang which is about 2 hours distance to KK. When I've reached Menumbok jetty, I have to wait for about 45 minutes for a taxi which then took me another 2 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu. The taxi driver charged me RM30.

In KK, I met my friends.. Enjoying our time.. Karaokeing and stuff the whole day. So, I stayed in KK before taking a bus to go to Sandakan the next day.. which took me another 6 hours ++ to stop exactly at my area.. Batu 7. The bus cost me about RM40. So, here I am.. on a couch.. in front of the tv.. at the living room.. enjoying my relaxing day.. before I will face again the same route back to Kuala Lumpur. Till then.. I will enjoying my time here. ^_^

Here are some simply snapped pictures for the readers.. is it necessary?

None of them has took me to Menumbok Jetty.. 
It is the one that took me to Menumbok Jetty.. Safely.. ^_^
Me on-board.. Nervous? Chet.. A bit.. Huhu
Heart of my brother n his wife.. Relieve after handing my gifts for them.. Looking at their reaction.. It's worthied.
Lepaking in living room.. Enjoying the couch.. ^_^ 
 p/s: Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese!!!

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