seriale tv All The Love In The World: ~ iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire ~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire ~


Waa.. Quit a long weekend and yet I have few days before realizing that it's been a long time since my last post.. What a waste of time.. ^_^ Anyway, my trip to Genting couple of weeks ago was still not finish to be told.. So now I would love~ to continue the sequel.. Yosh!!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9.30am

While stopping at the side of the road.. (anyone who doesn't have a clue.. click here.. ^_^).. the man then browsed his phone.. it was iPhone4.. wallah!! erk!! Ok.. actually he doesn't have a clue which route to Genting to use beside MRR2.. so he look for iPhone4 map. Out of the blue, the 2nd girl took out her new phone.. it's a smart phone. Even smarter, she got Garmin installed. So, actually the route will be easier if you have such a speaking guide like Garmin.. So, the conversation start here.. hehe.. tetttt!!!

The Man: "Waaa.. tetttt!! (refering to the 2nd girl name.. like it's censored.. ^_^) Itak pakei nset baru la. HTC ya nk? HTC pa ya?," although he knows what the answer.. bad~.
2nd Girl: "Waaa.. (influenced by the man) tok HTC Desire..," with her happy face.
The Man: "HTC Desire?.. Pahal nya besar cam HTC HD2 juak tok," still got time to converse though he's actually busy idetifying the route.
1st Girl: "Nya la HTC Desire phone baru tok.. Mek pun E71 jak (Erk! Not in actually dialog.. huhu)," while making unsatisfied look.. ^_^
2nd Girl: "Tok mmg cam HTC HD2 ya.. mana sudah itak pun HTC HD2 (interframe la HTC HD2 tok.. erk!)," so curious..
The Man: "Mek da jual la," while smiling.
1st Girl: "Yaa.. nya da jual.. huhu," a bit provoking.
2nd Girl: "Cet.. sik mok jual ngan amek tok.. mula2 cakap mok jual, pasya mok simpan.. cet.. pasya jual juak.. cet.. (eh how many cet daa)," a bit angry.
The Man: "Cepat2.. mok jalan da tok," changing the topic.. haha

The Man then signaled to the right and drove the car while having a conversation about HTC and iPhone4 and concluded as iPhone4 is better.. erk!.. that was a joke. Actually, both have it's own advantages. One thing for sure.. The Man enjoys his iPhone4 so much as well as the 2nd Girl enjoys her HTC Desire. Hmm.. how about the 1st Girl.. there's a rumor about her buying new phones.. Why? When? Hmm.. not sure lah.. hehe.. Good to know though. 

So, The Man with both girls drove using duke to Genting while refering to iPhone4 map (she's won.. erk!) and arrived at Genting around 10.30am. While arriving the excitement was like over the top hedge before something happened.. kinda frustrating still incident. Told ya.. There's a lot of things happened. Huhu.. be continued