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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Since 2001.. Almost A Decade..

Talking about almost a decade ago.. Honestly, I wasn't happy at all having a small unfriendly Mars Trium phone although it was very next to my top 3 important items.. beside my book and my pen.. haha. Anyway.. this is what interest me.. after all these years.. I have actually owned more than 10 different handphones. In other words.. I have bought more than 1 handphone per year! Haha.. I did not expecting this. I just realize this the moment I decide to talk about my handphones history.

Afterall.. I would love to share my journey of having a different types of handphones.. And to tell you guys how much I love gadgets.. So that you have the idea of what my birthday gift can be.. Ehehehehahaha.. Straight to the point.. here's the chronology of my Handphone.. From 2001 till 2010.. From a small calling-sms-type of phone to a big screen voice/video calling-sms-mms-internet-type of phone (smartphone).. what a journey.. =)

My First Dad-Sponsor Phone.. Mars Trium

I got this for my first year in UiTM Perlis, Malaysia.. LOL

This is the phone that I use the most.. up about 2 and a 1/2 years.. I have had think of gettiing rid of it when I had started my 2nd year of my diploma.. But I guess I am clear of my needs at that time.. So.. It sticked with me till it had really piss me off.. When I cant message anyone 'coz the cancel button had been broken..  I cant type anything.. I just can call.. only thru phonebook list.. Crazy3 days..

My First So-called Own Money Phone.. Nokia 2100
I bought this in Kangar Town, Perlis, Malaysia at a small handset booth.. Cant recall how much it had cost me..

During my last year of diploma.. Owning the study loan left me some extra cash and it had turn-out that I needed to buy a new handphone. So I bumped into this phone.. which is quite a cute version of nokia famous version during that time - Nokia 3310 (Tiga2 Sekupang). The reason of bumping into this phone instead of my broken Trium was also because I can play the snake game.

My First Color-Screen Phone.. Nokia 6610i

The first advance phone I ever own..

After finished my diploma.. I got my chance to further my study in degree. So the study loan is even higher.. which let my right brain spoke brighter I guess.. I bought this phone.. while treating-in my Nokia 2100. Unfortunate for me.. this phone only last for 3 weeks. It got me frustrated and had it enough of buying new phone. Luckily my father bought me a new one.. Cheers!

My Second Dad-Sponsor Phone - Nokia 1100

This is the exact color of my phone..

After I had lost my Nokia 6610i.. my father was afraid of me as-well being so lost.. and had given me this phone to cheer-up my day.. So that I can focus on my study I supposed. Thanks dad.. I really appreciate it. I really am although I didnt really took my chance of caring it this it last. Erk! I gave it to my mum when I got a new phone. Now I'm not sure where this phone is.

My 2nd Color-Screen Phone - Nokia N70

I cherish the moment it's handed to me.. LOL

This phone is beyond my expectation. I never thought I could have it while I'm still studying.. though it is a common thing to the overseas student.. Haha. Thanks to my fren.. I only pay this for RM1000 which is quite expensive but as I pay it periodly.. It's worthied! I got it during my last year in UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia and sold to my colleague one and a half year later.

My 2nd Smartphone - Nokia 5700 Express Music

Very very very convinient to the hand..

The fact that it is convertible from phone to a music player (still a phone though) was what sold it to me. Plus it has an infra-red feature where enable me to send pics and musics to my laptop through this feature (by that time is not yet has the bluetooth technology). Great! Yet the fact that it was affordable was so much a closing deal. LOL. I got it for my first job gadget. I used it for about 3 years until it has been stolen by May of this year. By the way, I put the using period is about 3 years but still compete my first phone. If you really read this. =D

My 2nd Number Phone - Nokia 1110

As an option.. real cheap!
After I bought Nokia 5700 EM, I bought this phone just to separate my personal number with my working number.. The separation idea was in 2007. But I lost the phone last year in December. It has been left somewhere that I'm not sure of.

My First Smartphone - HTC HD2

It's in her own league..
As my Nokia 5700 EM had showing some of her breaking sign.. I realize that it's my time for having such a wide loop in owning a gadget. I did make some research on the current PDA in the market. I had considered all aspects of them - from its battery (removability), the ability to be a router, the ability to take a picture with a real camera feature and the ability to open a words, excel, and pda files and edit them. I then fell in love with this PDA. Such a real smarty. However, despite it's downside and the fact that I had bought a macbook in the late of July 2010, I had sold it to my fren with just RM1300 - less than half her price when I bought her.

My 2nd Number Replacement Phone - Nokia 1202

I bought it after I found that my post-paid simcard cannot be put into HTC HD2 - to avoid an automatic internet access that will lead to an extra charge in my phone bill. So, I looked for a cheap phone and found this phone which cost me about RM100. Her color is a reminiscent of my HTC HD2. I still have it with me till now.. almost a year already.

My Last Resort of Phone - iPhone4

For god sake.. I was actually wanted to buy an iPhone3Gs instead of HTC HD2. Unfortunately, Maxis had offerred quite unworthied plan for me. Luckily when iPhone4 has been released, Digi had came out with a brilliant plan. So I took her. Although I must say that some of the feature of iPhone4 are not achieving the standard by HTC HD2.. this phone however is complementing the internet subcription better than HTC HD2. I can do anything a laptop can do by the mean of surfing the internet. There's a lot of application applicable for iPhone 4 too. So, I feel a lot more satisfied with this phone. Plus I got lower down my monthly bill and it's easy for me to work with macbook. I wish this phone will stick with me FOREVER. I am now resorting my wants in owning phones. Love iPhone4 since 7 November 2010 till only God knows when.


UniCorn_|aDy said...

ngah ngah ngah...
finally ada 2nd entry... adehhh...
mmmm... overall saya jatuh cinta dgn mars trium... hehe... ^_^
mmm... memandangkan en karlo dh ada iPhone4, so, rajin2lh mengupdatez ur blog ek... hehehhehe
kata canggih~
*cepat2 tros sembunyi bwh meja..

Desk Of Karlo Santeekee said...

Mun mek mok kongsi perasaan mek kelak mek post guna iphone4 ya. Mun mek kena karang standard A+.. still kena guna my macbook. Aihhh.. sebut gik.. :D

UniCorn_|aDy said...

*pengasan tros~~

Desk Of Karlo Santeekee said...

Aihhh.. Welcome to my dark side.. hohoho.. erk!