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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Village Is Gonna Extend?..


I want to congrate my beloved sister for her dream had came true.. she really married by this year. She had became someone's wife on 25th December 2010. Hey Sis! You can always turn to me for your anniversary.. =D. The event was a success and was a bit overwhelming but AWESOME!!! Anyway, it was my chance of going back to my hometown. And I was actually undergoing a mission instead of rejoicing my sister wedding.

As I arrived at Sandakan on 24th of December, I was thrilled to see my 2 years old car - Perodua Viva - well it was well maintained by my younger sister. I did bring her a souvenir for that and so that I could borrow it from her as if I was really have an important matter to be done uptown.

Actually I just wanna take a picture of my floating village. I had told someone about this and it got the person excited. Hmm.. "It's Cute!".. Really? So my the mission of taking a picture was to ensure that my village do look cute in photo. They did! Hehe.. So here they are.. *Forgive my photography.

They just located at the seafront.. It's a sea.. South China Sea.. You can see some construction which made me jumped into question what would that be?

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UniCorn_|aDy said...

wish d photo was more clearer..