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Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Introductary..

Need to thank her for the idea of posting your thought here.. So here we go.. I need to share something.

Who am I?
A person who are easily bored with what he had. Will never be satisfy with anything. Someone who are likely to be misunderstood with his needs.. But know exactly what he wants.. Is it? Aihhh..

Why am I here?
Just to do some sharing.. To show some caring.. To anyone.. To the community.. To the world.. To be something someone can turn to.. =]

What this blog means to me?
It means as a reminder to me of how the knowledge can be tranfered from one to another. It's a pleasuring activity. One may think something is right but not to another or it is really right to anyone.

So that's for my very first post here. Hope this will get some attention for me.. Till later.. Salam.


UniCorn_|aDy said...


n hes da sweetest guy in d whole world....
n hes my dewa gembira~
thanxz for owez b there for me...
one of my bff~
*mesti itak terharu nak?? (jgn lupak satu gk jlo... aihhh) hehehehhehahahaaa... ;p

Desk Of Karlo Santeekee said...

Kena masuk lam list azam baru ka tok? Aihhh..

UniCorn_|aDy said...


taliff said...

tahniiah wei...letak shout box..boleh org tinggal jejak nanti