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Friday, December 31, 2010

What if.. Tribute to the Unicorn..

Salam.. Hokey!!

As I was tag here So here are my "What If.."

What If...

1. I'm a Color... I would be BROWN!!. I would prefer a dark brown but it is brown. Brown for me is sweet as chocolate and very calming. It is simple. It matches with most color. So I like things like chrome, bronze, tree, wood..

Really looks Yummy!!

2. I'm an Animal... I would choose to be a HORSE!! A dark horse. She is fast. She is strong. She is beautiful and even brilliant. I am brilliant! Ehehehehahaah..

Fast and Furious Too

3. I'm A Car... I need to be any CONVERTIBLE car.. I mean a car that can be converted into something else.. like this Bumblebee.. Anything that has an idea of changing the initial form of a car.. I wanna be it.

A Convertible Version..

4. I'm a Handphone... I wish to be something like my Nokia 5700 EM. The different is that instead of convert it to a music player.. I want it to give an option pad.. The ROTARY DIALING version of phone plus the current pad. Nice3!! haha..

This handphone with a ROTARY DIALING below.. nice.. =D

5. I'm a Cartoon Character... I am the OPTIMUS PRIME. I am big hard strong yet humble and kind hearted.. ehehehehahaha..

I need some color here though.. 

6. I'm a Fairytale Princess'...Prince... I am the PRINCE PHILIP of the Sleeping Beauty... Wahaha.. Anyway.. it's my fav fairytale beside Beauty and The Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.

Get Awake!! Huhu..
There you go.. Happy New Year.. Enjoy this day while it last.. So there wont be any regret celebrating and welcoming Year of 2011.. Salam..


UniCorn_|aDy said...

tq sbb menyahut cabaran tag sy...
*masih merajuk tok...

Desk Of Carlo Santeekee said...

Welcome.. Aihhh.. Most popular word tok.. Aihhh