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Friday, February 25, 2011

~ Ilusi ~


Hmm.. this en3 is for my favorite song to-date.. Ilusi by Adira. I just heard the song through HotFM this morning while driving to the office. Love hearing to Adira's voice through this song but I do wish this song is sang by Siti. What Siti?? Huhu.. just had it enough to tell. ^_^

Anyway.. from my point of view.. this song is such a romantic but fresh to my mind. I like to quote the lyric here.. "Pabila bercinta dan dicinta Jadi cinta Cinta mega.. Biar Cinta Jadi Fenomena" Hmm.. that's what is mesmerizing to me rite now.. but only that.. the whole lyric was not sunk into my memory yet.. hehe

By that.. I'm enjoying my time at my office.. (^_^)v 

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k34n0 said...

lepas solat jumaat, patut la orang tu drive keta happy mood...sebab lagu adira dalam radio rupanya