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Friday, March 4, 2011

Words Of March..

"If You Aim For Nothing, You'll Hit It Everytime"

A Sharp Shooter - Credit to Google Image

This morning, I was just cleaned up my office desk. 
Orginizing my things.. while listening to Ilusi by Adira.. erk! 

Anyway, as I finish my cleaning, I found my new management book that I bought last year. Here's where I got the stated phrase above. I didn't found any quote. So, I guess it is wise to put by 'Words of March'. What's important is that I got the meaning. Well, for me, it means we need to aim for something. Don't waste our time of not having any target. Doesn't matter if we hit our target or not. We'll soon learn to adapt with our shooting. And soon enough, we may become A Sharp Shooter.. ^_^

All The Best in Everything You Do!

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