seriale tv All The Love In The World: New Hobby!! Woohoo~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Hobby!! Woohoo~


Woohoo!! I just discovering my new hobby.. which was shopping stuff at IKEA Damansara.. huhu
Actually, last Saturday.. Since my trip to Kemaman, Terengganu by my colleague.. I then went to IKEA Damansara where I was going to buy a table lamp.. coz my table lamp was suspected *only suspected* to be damaged.

At IKEA I was very attracted to the stuff and ended up buying more than a lamp. Looking to my resit.. it's over hundred. But it's fine for me.. I just went back home and discover that I left a lamp stand at the counter plus my new lamp is broken. So, I went back to IKEA and return the lamp plus redeem the left-over stuff. Unfortunately, they only give me the amount of the lamp so I need to get in back to the store to find the lamp which ended up me buying new things and cost me even higher than before.. haha

When I reached back home, I was thinking if I go to IKEA for the third time.. what will I buy? Huhu.. Anyway.. I love to go again to IKEA.. ^_^