seriale tv All The Love In The World: Enjoying Genting !!! - The Sequel

Friday, January 28, 2011

Enjoying Genting !!! - The Sequel


Haha.. Erk! It's funny how I can start my n3 with laughing. Actually it's related to my trip to Genting last week which I still can't complete telling it. Huh!..

Back to the story.. after this scene.. the man and the 1st girl had manage to overcome the drama and then heading to fetch the 2nd girl. So here's what happened:

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 8.40am

The Man & The 1st Girl Situation:
1st Girl: "Ehehehehahaha.. hihi.. huhu", can't stop herself laughing..
The Man: "Mek janji ngan itak ari tok.. bukan esok atau lusa atau lusa ulat", erk!.. alike madness but he's not
1st Girl: "Aihhhh.. Aihhhhh..", still laughing.. erk! something wrong.. hihi
The Man: "Sik mok pecaya itak da tok", provoking..
1st Girl: "Ehehehehahahaha..", yaaa..
The Man: "Itak da kol Tetttt! sik?", the man asking the 1st girl
1st Girl: "Mek da mesej nya kita da gerak gi amek nya", said the girl spontaniously..
The Man: "Ok...", simply answering while focussing on the road.

n the rest was history..

Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9.00am

In Front Of The 2nd Girl Condo:
The Man: "Cney Tettt! tok? Nya janji tunggu bawah tok. To nya pun batang idung sik muncul.. janji nya apatah lagi.. aihhh..", mumbling alone yaa.. huhu
1st Girl: "Aihhhh.. sikpa2.. tok masih awal gik", feeling guilty.. ya ka? Tettttt!

The man then call the 2nd Girl..

The Man: "Hello~ mek org da berkematu tunggu ctok.. cney itak?", provoke gik tok..
2nd Girl: "Ok2.. 10 minit.. Mek turun.. Itak org lambat owh.. wat drama ka sia?", try to divert the blame haa..
The Man: "Kelak mek cerita.. mek org tgu ctok.. cepat ya turun", hopingless..
2nd Girl: "Ok2..", tut tut..

20 minutes later..

1st Girl: "Tok nya da sampei", converse happily..
The Man: "Cney?", while turning to the condo n saw the 2nd girl walking toward the him.

The 2nd Girl entered the car..

2nd Girl: "Itak org lambat tok..", try to start the hectic day..
The Man: "Mek ingat sorang jak yang x menepati janji.. dua2 sik tepati janji duhal..", sounded angry..
1st Girl & 2nd Girl: "Hehehehe..", while maintaining their grace.. huhu.. but the rest was also history.

They had start the trip on 9.25am. A few meters of driving.. the man suddenly stopped the car beside the road.. and looking for the direction through phone.. suddenly a newly bought phone was introduced and get into attention of people in the black car.. Wanna know more? Wait for the next sequel yaa.. Huhu.. iPhone4 Vs. HTC Desire.. Ting! Ting!.. Bye2 E72.. eheheehahaha..